Ocean Themed Wine Cork Caddies

I am actually fascinated by these ocean-themed cork caddies, especially the two first ones.

Dolphins are creatures that everyone knows and love and the sea horses are truly unique. They not only look in a way like horses, but the males also carry the eggs in a pouch until full term.

Crabs and octopussies may not be as likable, however, someone got the idea they’d make great wine cork holders. And people seem to buy them!

So, if you’re looking for a unique sea life themed gift, maybe one of these here below might give you an idea. Or if you rather prefer something more “ordinary” please take a look at these adorable fish wine cork holders.

Dolphin Cork CaddyDolphin Cork CaddyDolphin Cork CaddySeahorse Cork CageSeahorse Cork CageSeahorse Cork CageCrab Shaped Cork CaddyCrab Shaped Cork CaddyCrab Shaped Cork CaddyOctopus Wine Cork HolderOctopus Wine Cork HolderOctopus Wine Cork Holder


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